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Weebeehoney, We Love What You Do

I have just come across a great source of raw, unprocessed honey; the sort that I have been recommending all over this web site and to anyone else who will listen! Remember that if you are looking for all the health benefits of honey, you need the unprocessed variety. Weebeehoney has been producing natural raw honey over five generations of the same family. They are really passionate about what they do, and despite the work being labor-intensive, they do it all themselves instead of processing the life out of the honey like so many other producers do.


I don’t recommend producers lightly, as my regular readers will know, but I have no hesitation in putting my reputation behind this one. To read more and take a look at the honey, please click this link about Weebeehoney.

It's a family affair at Weebeehoney

It's a family affair at Weebeehoney

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