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  1. Enjoyed your site! Great work! Bee well!

  2. I am a company that is just starting up waiting on my first shipment of honey to arrive. Your website is the most informative one out there. I will be back often and would love to send people that I talk to you website to get a well rounded dose of informative discussion of honey.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments about I wish you luck with your website and your first shipment of honey.

  4. I’m the CEO of Links. We are entering the Manuka Honey business with OTC and Advance Wound Care products. We are directly connected to NZ honey with investment and partnership with Watson & Son a key producer.


  5. Hello – I am in the market for 500 lbs of beeswax. The obvious questions are: the cost, how soon could I get it shipped to Lawrence Livermore Lab in Livermore, CA 94550. I’m flexible regarding packing sizes so whatever is easiest is fine. If you have questions or need more information before you can answer the questions feel free to call (925) 422-6314. Thank you. Rich Whipple

  6. Hi there
    i just read your article on the history of honey, sounds fair yet you made no reference to the Quran (the holy book of muslims) and its point of view on honey. Verily more than 1400 years ago it was revealed in 16:69 ‘There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men. Verily this is indeed a sign for people who think.’
    Thank you

  7. Thanks for your comment. We will have to take a look at that and see if we can improve the article.

  8. Just recently I have read A Spring without Bees by Michael Schacker. Also, I have finished reading the book by Dr. Reece Halter -The Incomparable Honeybee which is an awesome reference book on the economics of pollination. Now I have found your informative website! I will be using it in my science curriculum as I educate my students. Thank-you and keep up the good work. I know I am… Zdena Novy Gr.7 teacher.

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind compliment about the World of Honey web site.



  10. Thank you for such a fact-filled (and humorous) website! Please add me to you newsletter/mailing list to receive articles and updated information.

    As a person interested in buying beeswax sheets for candle-rolling, I was disappointed that you did not recommend a supplier or two. You certainly gave tips on looking for a reputable one, but I would love to hear specific recommendations, if only as a reply to my email.

    thank you for your consideration,

  11. Hello! Great site with fantastic info. I’m a new beeswax candlemaker. I’m reading all I can about beeswax and beekeeping. I enjoy the factual nature of your site.
    All the Best,

  12. Thanks for your kind words and good luck with the beeswax candles.



  13. I want to try making mead at home. About how much and what type of honey do you recommend using?

  14. Hello Renee and thanks for your question.

    Basically, the flavour of the particular honey you use will be reflected in the mead. If you don’t want a strong honey flavour, go for one of the milder varieties like tupelo. If you want a full-on honey taste in the mead, go for maybe buckwheat or Scottish heather honey. Here are a couple of links that might help:

    Good luck! Regards


  15. I started reading about making my own beeswax candles and now I will be trying my hand at mead too. Bees are truly amazing. Can you sell hemp wicks? Great site.

  16. Thanks for your kind words. We don’t sell products unfortunately, but I wish you well with making your candles and mead.



  17. Michael

    Vey nice website, it Wil be intersting if You write something about market segments for honey. As well as their relevance.


  18. Thanks Antonio!

    The sits is really about honey and bee products, and how to use honey for acne, different varieties of honey, bee products such as beeswax and pollen etc. We take on board your comments though, and may consider adding something about market segments and related commercial matters.



  19. i am becoming a beekeeper and would like to know if buckwheat can be grown in the high desert of palmdale ca.

  20. Do any of our readers know the answer to Joe’s question? Please reply here if you do. Thanks!

  21. Hi Michael,
    I’m happy to know there are people like you who try to separate the “chaff” from the “grain” in order to share no-nonsense honey facts for enthusiasts and beekeeping farmers as well.
    We’ve just begun to see and taste the first fruits of our beekeeping efforts here in central Visayas, the Philippines. It’s very rewarding and satisfying, to say the least, as we know we are also contributing to the pollination of crops around our community. DO check us out on FaceBook. Thanks for the resources you are providing.
    FB handle: hazel suson alvarez

  22. Thank you Hazel for your kind comments.

    Interesting to hear what you are doing. Best of luck with your beekeeping in the Phillipines!


  23. Hi Michael,
    I would like to compliment you on your dedication to your very informative site.
    It has been a pleasure to brows through it.
    I have been keeping bees as a hobby for a few years and I am always looking for more information on the topic.
    I am curious about your interest and how you got started.
    Is your profession related to the health or food industry?

    Best regards,
    Toronto, Canada.

  24. Hello Ken

    Thanks for your kind comments. Actually, my interest in bees and honey is only amateur – mainly I am interested in the ecological aspects and I try to support ecological beekeeping and honey production through the website.



  25. Thank you for a well-balanced, non-hyped, informative site. I’m grateful to find so much accurate information in one place.

  26. And thank you Catherine for your very kind comments!
    Regards, Michael

  27. Thanks for the info on bee traps. I am having a hard time feeding my hummingbirds without attracting a slew of wasps. I was reluctant to kill them, but frustrated at the same time – they can really drain a feeder. After reading your page, I have decided not to set out traps. Thanks for the info.

  28. Glad you found the info useful – thanks for taking the time to write!
    Regards, Michael –

  29. yogourt and honey the best for skin!!!!!! do a mask every night and leave it on for 30 min,,,any skin problems you have you wont have them any more,,, i had very bad acnee and now i have clear skin!!! honey is the key to beauty!!!!!!

  30. I need an idea for bumble bee repellent- i have them flocking into my horse float where they die in piles, even when i have been leaving to open so they can easily get out again there is still tonnes of them. I just want to convince them not to go in there! its such a mess to clean up and I am sure they have better things to do :)

  31. I will throw this one open to our readers…

    One thing – are the bees dying because the water is deep and they are drowning?



  32. …horse float aka horse trailer. It has happened ever since we brought it (new) 5 years ago! I have no idea why they are dying they just fly in through the gaps in the back cover and fly upto the front window, hang out in big piles or crawl around and then alot are left dead. I often often open the front door to try and enchorage them out but only a few leave i think.

  33. thankyou for the no-hype information.
    keep up the good work!

  34. Thanks for your kind comment!

  35. We live in a farm community in Idaho. There are many fields near us that locate honey bee hives for pollination. We respect the bees and understand the importance of their presence. We have not had many issues with them until this spring. They are swarming our house so bad we almost can’t go out the door! They are finding ways into the house by the hundreds, even crawling around screens! They are getting into our bathroom so thick that they have clogged the drain in the tub several times. They are getting in and dieing everywhere. We don’t have trees, flowers or anything that should be attracting them. We can’t live with this! We don’t want to hurt the bees, but are hoping you can tell us how to repel them safely?
    thank you

  36. Hello Brenda, thanks for your message.

    I really feel for you having to deal with this massive number of bees in your home. I love the bees too, but when there are so many in your house like that, it’s a problem that needs to be solved. I don’t have any obvious answer apart from contacting the local pest control and seeing if they can help, or maybe the local bee-keeping association. Or maybe see if the pollination hives can be moved further from your house. Hopefully this is a one-off this year.

    I admire you for not wanting to hurt the bees – I’m with you on that, but if your house is full of them, you can’t live like that and sometimes we have to take drastic measures that may not be in line with our principles.

    I am hoping a reader will come up with some other suggestions.

    Wishing you well.


  37. To whom it may concern. I am an Australian beekeeper and reading your article I though I may inform you in your not already aware of these fact

    Raw honey is very rare to find if you can find it at all raw should mean NO heat applied but a majority of countries can call it raw as long it’s not heated above 45 degrees By the way the same applies to cold press olive oil.

    Yes I agree with your comment regarding antibiotics I am aware that in australia that some certification houses allow OTC to be in honey and still call it organic

    So the organochlorine industry should get it’s together so that consumers get what they want and pay for.

    My honey that is sold in australia is “Batch Tested” before it is placed in jars and sold to consumers by an independent certified lab.

    I am proud to say that I am the only person to do so in Australia

    All honey should be tested this way as a means of proof of quality not just by a tick because you have paid your annual subscription

    Hone this has helped should you require further information or explanation please do not hesitate to contact me

    Vincent testa

  38. Thanks for your informative comment Vincent. Regards, Michael,

  39. Michael, lots of great information on this site. Keep up the great work!

  40. Thanks Geddes Farm for your kind comment. Regards, Michael,

  41. Thank you very much ; simply bee-rilliant!

  42. You’re welcome Mike, glad you enjoyed it!

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