World of Honey

Benefits of Honey

Honey’s Benefits – Introduction

This section of the world of honey is all about what honey can do for you.  First of all we are going to look at the health benefits of honey when applied to wounds and so on, as opposed to the nutritional value.  As with all of my articles, you’re not going to find a load of hyped-up claims here.  I only deal in known facts.  Next we’re looking at honey and the treatment of acne, which not many people know about.  Then we turn to honey as a food: honey’s nutritional value, and what part it can play in dieting.  By the way, if you came here looking to buy some honey, please take a look at my article on honey products first, and if you’re after information on the other weird and wonderful things that we get from the beehive, such as propolis or royal jelly, I have a no-nonsense page with all the facts on bee products too.

Health Benefits

If you’re thinking of using honey as a treatment externally, there are some things you need to know.  I have compiled a no-frills article on the health benefits of honey that lists some of the outrageous claims that people are making about honey, and then swiftly cuts to the chase on what we really know about honey’s health giving powers.  Please take a look at the health benefits of honey before you even think about exchanging your hard-earned cash for honey.

Honey and Acne

This fascinating subject really caught my interest and I decided that a whole page on the subject of honey and acne was needed.  On that page you can read about honey’s benefits for treating this condition which causes so much distress to so many teenagers.  As with any subject on using honey as a treatment, there is more than enough hype plastered all over the internet without me adding to it, so if you are looking for wild claims about a miracle cure, you will be disappointed because I don’t write fiction on here!

Nutritional Benefits of Honey

Honey can play a part in your diet – and also if you are dieting.  It’s a great sugar substitute and has a lot more benefits than its sweetening properties.  These additional benefits of honey are massively over-sold on honey websites, so as usual, what you get on my website are the facts about honey and nutrition.  Look, all I can say is this – from what I know, honey makes a great natural sweetener and is far better for you than ordinary table sugar.  You will find all the evidence to back up that claim on my honey and nutrition page, so please take a look – especially if you are thinking of using honey as part of your calorie-controlled diet plan.

Calories in Honey

If you intend to make honey a part of your diet, whether you are watching the calories or not, I have a great page that shows just how honey stacks up against other foods.  Please check out this honey and calories page for yourself!