A no-nonsense guide to honey and bee products.

The world of honey and the bees is truly awe-inspiring. These tiny creatures produce some of the most unusual natural products in the world. I’m Michael, and I want to use this website to share with you my fascination with honey and bees.

Man has been well aware of the beneficial effects of honey for thousands of years, but despite the scientific advances of recent times, today we have still not yet unlocked the secret of this complex substance and its 600 constituents.

Everyone has heard of honey – but did you know that honey is only one of many products that bees manufacture? Maybe you have a jar of

honeycomb and bees

honeycomb and bees

honey in your kitchen right now, but do you know which country it came from? Do you know which flowers the bees that made your honey were feeding on?

These things affect the taste of honeys made around the world, just as grape variety and country of origin affect the taste of a glass of wine. You’ve probably seen pictures of bee hives and seen the honey in the honeycomb, but do you know how that honey got there, what it really is and how it’s made? Well, I’m planning to give you answers to some of these questions. In time I aim to build this web site into a key resource, with everything you need to know about honey and all of the other products that bees give to us.

If you’re a new visitor to this site, I hope you will join our regular readers – I often put up new articles which I hope you will enjoy. Meanwhile, now you’re here please be my guest for a while and have a look at the sections on honey products, bee products and health – I hope you like what you see. Go right ahead and click the links to find out more about the amazing world of the bees. If you have any questions about bees, honey or other bee products, please get in touch using the “contact” link and it will be my pleasure to help you as best I can.